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Ag’s my bag

I’m particularly fond of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to producing the food and fiber for America and the world. Underlying that commitment to the land and the environment is the fact that farmers and ranchers run operating businesses that must sustain themselves through conditions far outside their control. Preserving the legacy of these family-owned businesses is important to me, and I’ve dedicated myself to understanding and applying the planning tools and techniques necessary to support these vital enterprises.

Who you calling small?

Businesses employing 4, 40, or 400 employees all fit the government’s definition of a small business. Most of those are family-owned, or closely-held companies, and they make up the backbone of the American economy. Behind those enterprises is an individual, or group of partners, who grew an idea from infancy, applying their entrepreneurial skills and talents to grow the company to what it is today. For most individual owners, the business may be their most valuable financial asset, and I bring a particular passion to protecting and sustaining its value, not just for the current owners, but for future generations, as well.

The business of the family

Families come in many forms, and while unlikely to be incorporated or have employees, most do share much in common with businesses: income, expenses, insurance, taxes, risks, savings and investments, plans for growth and expansion, even a retirement plan. And while a family’s annual meeting may be held over a holiday meal or a backyard BBQ rather than a conference table, the importance of proper planning cannot be overstated. I combine wide-ranging conversation with the latest planning technology to help families write their future financial stories.

What’s Your Story?