I created Western Skies Advisory to bring my clients many of the characteristics often associated with the West: a pioneering spirit, durable optimism, and the fortitude to withstand difficult times in pursuit of a meaningful goal. In my three decades of providing financial advice, my clients’ greatest successes have come from a well-defined plan, confidence to stick with the plan when emotions say otherwise, and certainty that the journey is worthwhile.

Vision and value

Clients of Western Skies Advisory share a common trait: they want help navigating the complex financial world in which we live. I help them see through the clutter to define their definition of success. We then work together to create and implement a plan to reach that vision.

When it’s right to be wrong

A common theme of every client’s plan is the understanding that some of the plan’s assumptions will be wrong. Not wrong in the sense that we used incorrect data, simply that certain future outcomes (rates of return, client’s health, interest rates, etc.) will turn out differently than projected. As time passes, our assumptions become history. We’ll periodically update the plan with new facts, make the necessary adjustments, and be ready when we’re wrong again.

Financial planning